About the project

portrait of me, the author of Omealy

Hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Jimmy, and although I was born in Stockholm I nowadays live in a small town outside Oslo in Norway with my Norwegian wife and a weird cat. I work as a web developer full-time in Oslo. Omealy is made by one person, me! I keep developing on this app in my spare time as much as I am able to, so new features and bug fixes will keep coming.

Why Omealy?
Omealy is something I've made since it was a tool I needed and wanted for myself as my wife and I (typically) go grocery shopping once a week, and keeping track of all the recipes and the ingredients and combining it all into a coherent shopping list was too much of a hassle for me. Using Omealy saves us time and hassle, and I've made the app open for everyone to use so that you and others can experience the benefits as well!

If you would like to contact me for any reason, send me a mail here and I'll reply as soon as I can. I'll happily receive bug reports or any questions you might have. Also check out the roadmap to see what's currently being worked on.